Feature and Standing Stones

These large and impressive feature stones will work well in all sorts of settings, and can be used as an eye catching feature in an average sized garden just as well as a large park or city centre.

They may be used as a backdrop to a planting scheme or arrangement , or stood alone as a bold statement, the appearance of which will change with the different lighting and weather conditions in which they will be viewed.

This page contains a selection of standing stones and feature stones, most of which we currently have in stock and available. Now and again we will include a picture for the purpose of demonstrating how some of these stones may look once they have been installed. These pictures will be marked as such. They have been sourced from locations in Mid and North Wales and are mostly slate or granite, although on occasion we find something a little different such as the large piece of quartz shown in this section.

Where a picture shows a group of stones, generally those stones will be available either individually or as a group.

Unless shown, prices for all items displayed here are available on request.


All prices are subject to VAT