Delivery Service

We can supply and deliver to most places in mainland Britain and the British Isles, assuming there is sufficient access for our haulage contractors to deliver to your property.

We can provide a haulage service that can be tailored to your individual needs based upon our 20 years’ experience within this field, having successfully moved boulders from 100Kg to 20 tonnes in weight.

Delivery Options:

  • Stones up to 900kg per pallet (Courier Service).


  • Tailgate offload lorrys are between 7.5 - 16.5 tonnes in weight  which is also supplied with a pallet truck, the driver can off load your stone (assuming each pallet is under 900 kg in weight and your property has level and hardstanding ground). This is a good option if access is restricted and is particularly useful for delivery down a tight or narrow drive, and to off load close to situe.


  • For larger stones we can also supply a rigid vehicle that can carry up to 14 tonnes in weight and up to 14 pallets or an articulated vehicle that can carry 24 pallets (25 tonnes). Rigid vehicles can be supplied with a moffet fork truck that can lift up to 1.4 tonnes but only if requested. In terms of larger stones you will need a mechanical device to off load the goods, such as a fork lift or telehandler.


  • For stones which are above 2 tonnes in weight we can provide the option of a hook lift vehicle to drop the stone off at your location (This vehicle can be supplied with or without a crane  otherwise you would need a mechanical device such as a excavator or telehandler to put the stone into situe).


  • For very large stones please call to discuss what is possible.


For any further Information regarding haulage or pricing please ring or email or phone 01938810350 or 07798843376