Stone walls have been an integral feature of the British landscape for hundreds of years. They are present for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from the purely decorative to the strictly functional, and in earlier times represented a useful method of clearing and re-using stone lying on grazing or crop areas.

Stone walling can be used as a feature in gardens and leisure areas, with its ability to be attractive, durable, and at the same time provide a place for nature to inhabit.

It also works well on a more utilitarian level, for example, as livestock containment, or as a substantial boundary marker.

It may be constructed with a variety of different stone types, such as boulders, or slate. Each type of material has its own distinct properties which add to the unique characteristics of every wall.

Here at Mid-Wales Stone we supply mainly three types of walling stone - boulders, coloured slate, and rustic slate. We may be able to supply other types of stone on request so please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

All the stone we supply for walling is sourced from Mid and North Wales.


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