A Hereford Garden

A Hereford Garden

The picture shows a stone pillar purchased from Mid-Wales Stone for a garden in Hereford. The photograph was taken by the stone's owner, Mr Derek Evans, and sent to us with a letter describing how the stone was installed.

Extract from the letter received from Mr Evans - "When I purchased the drilled slate from you many, many moons ago I promised that I would send you a photograph of the completed construction. Sorry it's taken so long but here it is.

The base is four feet deep - all underground. The only thing visible is the slab it's sitting on which is approximately the same size as the base of the slate.

The pump is situated in a plastic container underground and just in front of the slate, covered in weldmesh, a membrane, and the paddlestone.

It has been a slow job, but, now it's all finished, interesting and worthwhile."