Spencer and Jennifer Leighton's story

Spencer and Jennifer Leighton's story - Derrington Millenium Green memorial stone

"Derrington is a small village near to Stafford. In 1998 a parcel of land was aquired from a local farmer to turn into a local village green and wood. It was paid for by various grants and donations from villagers and people afar and subsequently became Derrington Millenium Green."

"In memory of our daughter who died through illness at the age of 18yrs, we sought a long lasting memorial and found a large boulder weighing several tons on the website of Mid-Wales Stone. This was purchased and subsequently sited on the green, where it complements other items donated by villagers."

"It was a tricky operation due to a low bridge on the access road, but now is enjoyed by visitors on a daily basis, who use it as a seat, a picnic table or simply as an object to climb on. We expect it to be in place long after we are gone."

Spencer and Jennifer Leighton.