Montgomery Memorial Stone


In July of 2013 Mid-Wales Stone was approached to supply a stone for the World War 1 memorial garden in the town of Montgomery in Powys. It had been proposed that the memorial garden should be redesigned and refurbished and that the new garden should include a stone onto which a plaque would be affixed, inscribed with the names of those Montgomery residents who died fighting in the conflict.

Project organiser Paul Hodgson, in company with town Mayor, Mike Mills and architect Paul Humphreys, visited Mid-Wales Stone and, as a result of the visit, a large granite stone was chosen, nearly 10ft in height and originating from Pen Llyn (the Llyn peninsula).

The base of the stone was cut and drilled here at Mid-Wales Stone by Clive Griffiths before being loaded onto a Dawson Engineering lorry for transport to Montgomery.

This was the scene just prior to the arrival of the stone in Montgomery. The lamp post being leant on is about to be removed and a new one installed. "X" marks the spot!

It is hoped that the project will be completed by the end of May 2014 so we shall put some more pictures up here after then. The service of dedication will be taking place on 6th September, with the memorial plaque being fitted just prior the the service.

28th September 2014 - an update.

The Montgomery memorial service took place as planned on the 6th September with the plaque having been fitted to the stone a few days earlier. As the latest pictures show, the event was very well attended.

The memorial stone wrapped in flags and ready for the service.

The service about to get underway.

A large attendance and the memorial stone clearly visible through the crowd.