Memorial Stone at RAF Martlesham

Memorial Welsh stone

MH100 was formed in 2014 by Peter Davies to celebrate the 100 years in 2017 of the former important aircraft testing station and 2nd World War station for both the RAF and the USAAF at Martlesham Heath. A stone was sought and eventually found in Wales, myself and my Vice Chairman Bob Simpson made a trip to Wales at the request of Clive at Mid Wales Stone to look before we decided to use it. We made that trip in early March, and decided straight away that this stone would be ideal for our site. Clive then put us in touch with Peter Hughes the stonemason would suggested an inscribed black granite plate set into the stone rather than engraving on the stone itself. We took that advise and the result has been a real talking point and focus of attention locally. It was unveiled by the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk Lady Clare of Euston on Sunday 9th July in blazing sunshine, in attendance were Colonel Donn Yates from RAF Lakenheath the only flying airfield for the USAF in the UK, and representatives from the RAF, Royal British Legion, local council, parish council, former serving personal of Martlesham Heath, local residents and family members of No 71 Eagle Squadron former pilots families who flew over from the USA to be present and actually laid a flower display in front of the stone. The help we had from Clive was 1st class, a wonderful occasion topped off by a flypast by the Battle of Britain Flight (Spitfire and Hurricane) just as the stone was unveiled. The journey: The stone was sourced in Mid Wales. The stone was cut at our factory in mid wales. Transported and erected at Site The stone travelled 220 miles from site to site with Dawson engineering crane haulage of four crosses Official Opening The stone was ordered in the beginning of march and delivered to site and erected in beginning of July in that time the base was cut out at Midwales stone factory by Sms wales of Caernarfon and a plaque installed from Welshpool monumental masons.