Water Features

From city centres to small gardens, stone water features come in all shapes and sizes and, by combining both the audible and visual effects of moving water, are able to provide a fantastic focal point.

Whether it is a simple, single stone, a more complex, multicoloured slate stack, or even somewhere to place bottles to be chilled by running water for those hot summer days spent in the garden, the eye and the ear will be drawn to the sight and sound of a water feature.

You will find here examples of the variety of water features we offer at Mid-Wales Stone. Some of these pieces are currently in stock and ready for sale, while some of the others shown are already installed in various locations. As ever if you would like to contact us we will be delighted to discuss the available options.

All the stone used for these items is sourced from Mid and North Wales, and the water features themselves are created by us on the premises here at Mid-Wales Stone. All prices, where not shown, are available on request.

Please note - unless otherwise stated, prices do NOT include V.A.T. or delivery costs.


All prices are subject to VAT