Window Stones & Wine Racks

Window stones like these look good in many different situations. They may be small enough to place in a normal garden but larger versions will provide an unusual and eye catching focal point in a larger setting, such as the one in the grounds of the stroke unit at Solihull hospital. The events surrounding that particular stone are featured on the stories page.

Many variations on the theme are available: they can be water features, standing stones, they may be fitted with coloured glass. As you can see from the picture on the right, they are also available in a range of strikingly beautiful hues, from a mottled grey through to a rich plum colour, and when they are wet the colours become really quite intense.

The window stones shown here are a few examples of a much wider range we currently have in stock. Many different sizes and shapes are to be found here at Mid-Wales Stone, with new pieces joining the collection on a regular basis.

The window stones for sale at Mid-Wales Stone are mostly slate and the original undrilled stones have all been sourced from quarries in Mid and North Wales.

Pictures of other window stones from our collection, and prices, are available on request.


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